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Improvements to avoid...

Most of us have a budget and some improvements add more value than others. Redfin

offers some insights into Home Renovations to Avoid. Leaving some improvements on the cutting room floor can be tough when we feel passionate about favorite features. If you are getting ready to sell, better to leave our passions for the next home.

Once you get a new home or invest in a higher end property, some of your passions may make more sense. We love Redfin's advice on keeping walls and flooring neutral. Neutrals allow you to change your color and design palate effortlessly with new pillows, rugs and other accents.

One of the best investments is increasing curb appeal. If you ignore curb appeal, potential buyers may be disappointed before they even see the inside of the property. According to Fortune Builders, "homes with well kept lawns and professional landscaping sell for 7% more than similar homes..." So if you have a tight budget, invest in first impressions.

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