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One size doesn't fit all...even in property management.   

Abriza has developed a variety of plans to best suit our customer’s needs. We can help you choose the best plan for you. 


If you have invested heavily in your property’s infrastructure, your tenants never leave and you don’t have many repairs, the Bronze Plan might be the best fit. Or maybe you self-manage...mostly, but you still need maintenance and  contractors.  This plan has low recurring, monthly costs. It is more of a pay as you go.


If you have an average property with everyday needs, normal tenant turnover and periodic repairs, the Silver Plan might be for you. This plan has average monthly fees and somewhat less expensive transactional fees. This plan is more similar to most property management plans. 


If you want more reliability in your monthly fees, the Gold plan might be for you. Pay a bit more each month and cover lots of transactional fees. This plan is unique and designed for less fluctuation in expenses. This is our deluxe plan. 

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