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As a vacation rental owner, your housekeeper can be your greatest asset or your biggest risk. The problem is housekeepers are in a hurry and without a consistent process, they miss things...sometimes big things.

Imagine getting a text from a guest saying that there was a feminine product (used) on the window sill when he opened the window in the bathroom. It is conceivable that a cleaner wouldn't open the window in winter, but checking the window sills has to be part of the cleaning process.

Today, with Covid concerns, it is even more critical that cleaners are thorough and focused on disintecting; not just getting the dust off the furniture. There are specific cleaners designated by the EPA that kill Covid. Each area that is touched by people needs to be disinfected.

Other areas frequently missed by cleaners:

Look up - Burnt out light bulbs, cobwebs on the wall and dust on the chandelier are common and leave guests thinking that your cleaning isn't thorough. Grime on the cabinets above the stove is common and easy to remove.

Look down - Dirt and other unmentionable substances accumulate around the toilet. Kitchen floors get sticky. Floors always need a wet mop and sometimes then need a scrub brush.

Look closely - Normal wear and tear leads to marks on the walls. A Magic Eraser only goes so far and eventually you need a coat of paint on walls in high traffic areas.

Look for cracks - Caulking needs to be replaced periodically and cleaners often overlook and fail to report routine maintenance. In more severe weather climates, a failure to caulk can lead to interior damage; not to mention leaving the kitchen and bath looking tattered.

Look for dust - Cleaners often miss cleaning the outside of countertop appliances, floor corners and baseboards. These are places that dust accumulates.

These are just a few of the areas that cleaners frequently miss. With a process and checklist, you can reduce or eliminate missed maintenance and cleaning steps that leave you with less than a five star rating. Having a vacation rental manager that can handle cleaning and maintenance makes your life easier and your guests happier.

Abriza Vacation Rentals provides vacation rental management including cleaning, guest management and maintenance. We can tailor a plan to meet your needs.

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